The International Motorcoach Group (IMG) was formed in 1998, as a group of independent companies working together to form a North American network of operators that shared a commitment to excellence in customer service, safety, training and maintenance.

As an invitation only organization, IMG has grown to 52 companies who range in size, region and reflect a range of business models. From bus charter, luxury motorcoaches, limousines, school buses, shuttles, IMG companies offer a wide range and selection of vehicles to meet your transportation needs.

With over 7,000 vehicles throughout North America and carrying over 21 million passengers, our customers have come to rely on IMG with confidence.

IMG companies have a reputation for being many of the most trusted transportation providers. It is our shared commitment to “Setting the Standard” – that sets IMG companies apart and the first choice for so many.


The American Bus Association is a trade association for motorcoach operators and tour companies in the United States and Canada. Its membership consists of about 1,000 companies that operate buses or bus-based tours, about 2,800 organizations representing the travel and tourism industry, and several hundred suppliers of buses and related products and services.

The United Motorcoach Association (“UMA”) is North America’s largest association of professional bus and motorcoach companies. Founded in 1971 as the United Bus Owners of America, UMA’s membership now includes over 900 motorcoach companies. Another 250 motorcoach manufacturers, suppliers and related businesses are currently “Associate” members of UMA.

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to serve as the premier resource for business development in the Greater Binghamton region. Our aim is to support the existing local business community and the attraction of new businesses to the region through member-driven programs and services, the development of strategic community partnerships and effective political advocacy.


The CST is a mission-driven non-for-profit program housed at the University of Vermont. It’s mission is to: reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions, increase energy efficiency, and to promote the use of alternative fuels and new technologies. Similar to how Energy Star works in the appliance sector, the CST accomplishes its work largely through three programs: its eRating vehicle certification, an Eco-Driver certification program, and an Idle-Free driver certification program.